-Library by the Numbers (2015)-


Adult Fiction: 28,532
Adult NonFiction: 14,959
TOTAL: 43,491

Children’s Fiction: 25,230
Children’s NonFiction: 5,430
TOTAL: 30,660

Audio Books/DVDs: 47,059

Items Loaned to other Libraries: 14,850
Items Borrowed from other Libraries: 15,949


Adult Fiction: 14,332
Adult NonFiction: 12,751
TOTAL: 27,083

Children’s Fiction: 15,291
Children’s NonFiction: 5,923
TOTAL: 21,214

Audio Books: 2,214
DVDs: 4,576


Overall Total: 118,828
Monthly Average: 9,903
Daily Average: 386

Programs (2015): 706
TOTAL Attendance: 10,137

Library Funding

The annual operating budget of the Library is approximately $424,230, about 91% of which comes from the taxpayers of the Cazenovia School District.  The Library appropriation request is voted on each year, synonymously with the School District budget request.  The Library also receives support from the Village and Town of Cazenovia, the Town of Pompey, and Madison County.

Funds raised by the Friends of the Library is not used for the operating budget, but rather for discretionary items such as programing, purchase of equipment and special projects.