My Library to Go

Can’t make it to the library? Looking for a good book after hours? On a waitlist for the physical book? Our MYLibrary2Go is here to save the day! Our digital collection is just a couple of taps away when you use one of our downloadable services, granting access to ebooks, audiobooks, movies, magazines, music, television shows, and graphic novels.

All services are free to use with automatic return and no late fees. To get started locate the app in your device’s app store. You will need your 13-digit library card number (do not include the A if printed on your card) and your pin number- usually the last four digits of your phone number (assigned at sign up). If you do not know either number please call the library main desk at 315.655.9322.

Our digital download services:


What it offers: Audiobooks, eBooks & magazines
Allowance: 6 items at a time (Magazines do not count against this limit)
Loan period: 2 weeks (Audio and eBook), 3 weeks (Magazines)
What makes this app different: Libby is an Overdrive service so although the catalog of material is the same for both apps, Libby was designed for use on a smartphone and is great if you have cards from multiple library systems- it keeps all your Overdrive material in one location.

How to access: Download the “Libby, by OverDrive” app from your app store. Follow the prompts to find your library and enter your library card/pin numbers to create an account. Search for specific titles or explore subjects to make your selection. Checkout your desired title and download to your device. At the bottom of your screen switch from “Library” to “Shelf”. Enjoy


What it offers: Audiobooks & eBooks
Allowance: 5 items at a time
Loan period: 2 weeks
What makes this app different: Unlike Libby, Overdrive allows you to access material on your desktop computer and  you can use the desktop version to transfer audiobooks to your MP3 player.

How to access: Download the “Libby, by OverDrive” app from your app store. Follow the prompts to find your library and enter your library card/pin numbers to create an account. Search for specific title or explore subjects to make your selection. Checkout your desired title and download to your device. To find your downloaded checkouts tap the menu icon (three parallel lines) and select Bookshelf.


What it offers: Graphic Novels, Comics, Manga
Allowance: no limit
Loan period: unlimited

How to access: Download “Library Pass” from your app store


How do I get started?

To get started you need the app of the MYlibrary2go service you’d like to use (Libby, rbDigital). Search for the title in the app store, download, and follow the instruction above or the prompts to create and account. 

Can I search on a desktop then switch over to my smart device where I intend to use the checkout?

Yup, you sure can as long as you have signed into the same account.

I checked out an item. Why isn’t it in my app?

There could be a couple reasons this has happened. First, did you checkout the item on the same device you’re going to use it on? Checking out a title and downloading it to your phone are two different steps (unless you’ve allowed automatic downloads). Once an item is checked-out look for the next step of downloading it to your device. Once downloaded it will appear within the app, not on your device’s default eReader/music library.

How can I read/watch/listen to my checkout without using all my data?

If you’ve downloaded your checkout to your device you will not use any data while reading/watching/listening. It is suggested you are connected to a WIFI network when browsing the catalog and downloading otherwise you will be using your data plan.

Can I renew my materials?

It depends on the service and if others are waiting. Most Libby/Overdrive material can be renewed as long as there are no holds on the item. Hoopla material cannot be renewed but can be immediately downloaded again if you have allocated checkouts remaining. There is no need to renew RB Digital since items never need to be returned.

When I search for a specific title it can’t be found.

Not all titles are in our collection. Just like physical library books, digital materials must be purchased by MidYork. In some cases, books, especially older publications, have not made the jump to digital or audio format. In other cases, publishers are hesitant to allow library loans.

I’ve been put on a holds list, but if it’s digital shouldn’t it always be available?

Again, just like our physical library, we purchase each digital copy. If a book is popular or there is a large waitlist MidYork may be encouraged to purchase additional copies. If each title was allowed to be loaned without limit or payment, publishers and authors would not be appropriately compensated for their work.

I have a Kindle, how do I download books through Libby/Overdrive?

Depending on what kind of Kindle you have you may be able to download the Overdrive app. If you have a paperwhite/eReader (non-tablet) look for books that list Kindle Book under Formats. If you select the Kindle format at checkout you will be redirected to and once your item is checked out it will automatically be transferred to your device if wifi is turned on and you are logged into the same account.


If you need additional help please contact the library desk or sign up for a 1-on-1 tutoring session.