Online Exhibits

The museum at the Cazenovia Public Library is home to hundreds of objects, curiosities, and stories from all across the globe. While the public is welcome to explore our in-house exhibit during open Library hours, we’re highlighting additional stories with these online exhibits. 

The three exhibits presented below all showcase objects with local connections and stories. Click the image to visit the exhibitions. The initial three were designed by museum staff Elisha Davies, Pat Hill, and Julia Shotzberger.

Hubbard's Legacy

A look at the museum’s origins- the man, the trip, and the collection that started our Museum.

Fashion Takes Flight

Human interest in birds has long evolved past scientific fascination. Explore the Library’s own ornithology collection and the use of birds in fashion.

Summer in Cazenovia

A Cazenovia Summer is full of beauty and fun activities. Examine which activities were favorites in the past.