Cows on Main Cows on main edited

While cows may be a common sight in the outlying farmlands, a herd strolling down Albany Street is rare.

This image was captured in 1914 when the sight was not so uncommon. To move herds of cattle to markets elsewhere dealers had to transport their stock on trains, necessitating a parade from farm to station. In this picture local cattle dealer, Roscoe Lee drives his herd to the West Shore Station to catch a train to New Mexico.

The sale and distribution of cows and livestock were important to the local economy. In 1914, the Cazenovia Republican reported there were almost 1.5 million cows in the state and a search of the same newspapers yields results for auctions, notice of sales, products for cows, and announcements of meetings for local farming organizations such as the Dairyman’s League.

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