Postcard: Egyptian Mummified Cat

Egyptian Mummified Cat (c. 2686-2134 BC)

For over 3,000 years, mummification was the traditional means of burial in Ancient Egypt. Animals were sacrificed and mummified in reverence to the deities they represented. Mummified animals were purchased from vendors and presented to the appropriate temple as tribute in return for favor. Some sly vendors took shortcuts and mummified lesser-valued animals wrapped to give the appearance of the promised animal.  In 2013, X-ray results confirmed that our cat mummy was authentic. Animals as large as rams and as small as mice were mummified.

Cat mummies were presented to Bastet, the goddess of family, happiness, love, and fertility. She was greatly admired and thousands, if not millions, of cat mummies have been discovered. Our mummy has simplistic wrapping, indicating an age up to 5000 years.