Postcard: Picturesque Views of Cazenovia

Picturesque Views of Cazenovia, N.Y., Sketches from Mather Lyon and AA Johnson


H.S. Mather, Will H. Lyon, and Arthur A. Johnson were noted 19th century Cazenovia photographers. This print, featuring a compilation of their work, appeared in a New York City newspaper to promote tourism in the area.

The scenes depicted are [1] Residence of W.m. M. Burr (The Brae Loch), [2] Methodist Episcopal Church, [3] “The Oaks,” [4] The Pier, [5] Chittenango Falls, [6] On the Lake, [7] Presbyterian Church, [8] Baptist Church [9] Drive in Evergreen Cemetery, [10] Cazenovia Seminary, [11] On the Road to the Falls, [12] In Evergreen Cemetery, [13] Cazenovia Lake, [14] Lincklaen House