Postcard: WonderCabinet (Wunderkammer)

WonderCabinet (Wunderkammer) Exhibit


In May 2016 a new exhibit opened honoring the history of collecting and the collectors who have given artifacts to the Library through its 130-year history. WonderCabinet (wunderkammer) is a throwback to the “cabinet of curiosities,”the precursor to the museums of today. This locallymade and refinished cabinet holds items that celebrate art, culture, natural history, and antiquity.

Visitors are encouraged to open each of the cabinet drawers to discover an array of curios, all carefully selected and arranged by the Library’s educators and guest artists. The collections include archaeological artifacts, Tiffany glass, wind-up toys, doorknobs, nests, and other natural discoveries. The drawers change periodically, so there’s always something new to explore!

The cabinet is located in the front room of the Original Building, along with a selection of Cabinet of Curiosities books donated by the Christakos Family.