Postcards: William Boardman

North Shore Cazenovia Lake By William Boardman

Nineteenth century artist William Boardman (1815-1895) was one of Cazenovia’s most notable painters. Boardman lived and painted in Cazenovia during his early life and then went East, moving between larger cities like New York City, Boston, and Providence.

The first image depicts the village green (now Cannon Park) of Cazenovia. Painted in 1840 some of the visible structures are standing today. The second image is a view of Cazenovia Lake looking south from the north shore of the lake. Both works reflect Boardman’s signature style—local landscapes painted in oil.

Two additional Boardman paintings hang in the original building of the library-  an early view of Mill Street is located in the local history corridor and a view of Cazenovia Lake and the village from Fairchild hill hangs in the Parlor.