Love ’em or hate ’em, puzzles are a sure-fire way to pass some time. While we can’t host our popular puzzle table in the library, we’re happy yo provide a little fun with this collection of digital puzzles, each created from our beautiful Richard Walker images. Clink on the image or the link button to start. The number of pieces can be changed to make the puzzle easier or harder! 

Mill Street (William Boardman)

This painting is one of the earliest representations of Cazenovia owned by the Library. This work by Cazenovia painter William Boardman depicts the view of Mill/Chenango St in 1830. Helen Cunningham gifted the painting to the Library in 1933 and hangs in the Library’s museum.

Mr. Hubbard's Grand Tour Souvenirs

When Mr. Hubbard went on a Grand Tour in 1894 he went with plans to bring back cultural souvenirs for the community. His travels took him to popular destinations all around the Mediterranean including the ruins of Pompeii, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the Great Pyramids. While laws forbid present-day travelers from taking objects from the site, during Mr. Hubbard’s travels these souvenirs were easily acquired and brought home in suitcases.

Haudenosaunee Tools

What is now the greater Cazenovia area was once home to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois). Tools and artifacts discovered by local archaeologists, such as Arthur I. Tyler and Dan Weiskotten, have found their way to the Library’s Collection. The tools illustrate reliance on natural materials for everyday activities like hunting, fishing, cooking, sewing, and playing. We look forward to sharing this history with you in our renovated local history exhibit.

Egyptian Death Mask

This Death Mask dating from c.30 BCE was acquired by Robert J. Hubbard during his 1894 Grand Tour of Egypt and the Mediterranean. Affectionately termed “The Pretty Lady” our death mask has the hallmarks of a traditional mask of the time—gold face, scarab/wing motif, and religious iconography. The mask is on display in our Egyptian exhibit.

Picturesque Views of Cazenovia

H.S. Mather, Will H. Lyon, and Arthur A. Johnson were noted 19th century Cazenovia photographers. This print, featuring a compilation of their work, appeared in a New York City newspaper to promote tourism in the area. The scenes depicted are [1] Residence of W.m. M. Burr (The Brae Loch), [2] Methodist Episcopal Church, [3] “The Oaks,” [4] The Pier, [5] Chittenango Falls, [6] On the Lake, [7] Presbyterian Church, [8] Baptist Church [9] Drive in Evergreen Cemetery, [10] Cazenovia Seminary, [11] On the Road to the Falls, [12] In Evergreen Cemetery, [13] Cazenovia Lake, [14] Lincklaen House.